Neo Wire

The Neo Wire is a diamond wire cutting machine that redefines standards of efficiency and performance in the industry. Its innovative design incorporates the latest permanent magnet technology, providing a perfect balance between high output and low energy consumption.

Neo Wire National WEG

With the capability to cut in any orientation - vertical, horizontal, and even on inclined surfaces - through 360° motorized rotation, it allows full control over the cutting process. Developed in partnership with Weg, its motor and automation system ensure superior performance and reliability.

Neo Wire National
  • WEG: 25 HP - 40 HP - 75 HP

Neo Wire Imported

A unique design, with the best cost-benefit ratio on the market, delivered by the leading multi-wire seller in the world. The Neo Wire with imported permanent magnet technology is available in two versions, with rails and with a roller, ensuring more agility in the block extraction process.

Neo Wire - Imported
  • Imported: 30 HP - 75 HP - 100 HP
Neo Wire - Roller
  • Roller: 75 HP

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