Five Wire

Economy and performance with triangular geometry

Industrial electric board 4.0

The management and software control is really impressive due to the facility in which the parameters can be changed and the intuitive speed of the graphics in terms of logic in switching from one function to another.

The panel has a human-machine interface (HMI), with all commands, views and parameters available on a 10.4” touch-sensitive screen. In addition to being very easy to operate, the software allows programming to cut up to 3 blocks in sequence, in a simple way, the operator programs blocks A, B and C and the machine makes the cuts in the indicated positions.

Another great advantage is the electrical panel protection system, which was developed for use in external environments, so the Five Wire can be installed in open areas, including natural rock quarries.

Traction set, moved set, guides and tensioning system

The traction set consists of a drum with a diameter of 1,260 mm driven by a motor. The moved set, assembled on the opposite side of the traction set, consists of a set of individual wheels with a diameter of 1,260 mm with freedom of movement between them, important to compensate for the difference in length between the cables.

The cutting guide rollers are manufactured in a diameter of 780 mm, these rollers are close to the block and responsible for the precision of the cut. The tensioning wheels have a diameter of 830 mm, assembled on an individual tensioning system, with special armored bearing wheels on robust stabilizing forks, driven by sensitive and precise pneumatic cylinders.

Triangular geometry Rubber interchangeability

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